3rd Place – Essay Writing Contest

Essay Written by:  Maria Catherine Grace Tandoc Barroga

The ‘Click’ Revolution

One mouse click can open up thousands to millions of possibilities and opportunities. This is the power of modern technology, with the use of the internet at the forefront of this development. The information superhighway has revolutionized our system of communications—what was deemed as unreachable before can now be at one’s grasp, using one’s pointing finger. Indeed, this is the 21st century—the abode of the fast-paced modern world.

Left and right, I must say that our lives are bombarded with up-to-date digital revolutions. The rise to popularity of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has instigated new spaces for fresh opportunities. These digital revolutions have shaped and still molding the present times. However, even before the dawning of the 21st century, promotion of digital information had been a must in order to give the public the basic data that they need. This desire of various emerging firms gave birth to digital marketing, the promotion of goods and services through the use of digital technologies.

Definition, Beginning, and Advantage

In the business world, marketing plays a vital function. For an instance, the promotion of a certain firm’s products, services, and goods, could make or break the future of the firm itself. With this, digital marketing is synonymous to advertising of various services and goods but with the utilization of the many digital channels like electronic mails, mobile applications, search engines, and social media. It is the promotion of brands and products through one or more electronic or digital media forms.

In 1990, the term digital marketing was introduced, but its roots can be traced even in the 1980s. Today, the advent of a faster and a more reliable internet connection and the parturition of different social media platforms have played a significant role in molding what digital marketing is. Furthermore, digital marketing encompasses the usage of various channels and methods to examine marketing campaigns and to recognize what is working and what is not, especially in present times.

Without a doubt, digital marketing is an inevitable force of development in the general prosperity of communication between the consumer and the organization. It is the bridge that covers up the gaps created by distance and time difference. It is important to know that with digital marketing, a great number of potential consumers at one time. Also, digital marketing entails consumers to be exposed to the brand that is being promoted directly. Thus, making clarification about the brand is now made easy.

Indeed, the modern technology has helped in shaping what this global village sought to be—a borderless world of endless possibilities. People nowadays cannot afford to tarry behind the times. With digital marketing, everyone is included and is on equal footing. Businesses will grow and consumers will know better. After all, what better use this modern technology could give us other than improving our lives?