Best Restaurants in the Philippines

People are always on the search for the best place to dine. Our team has done great work in researching for the best restaurants around the Philippines. We have come up with a list of restaurants that offer great food and awesome services. Know more about the place and visit these restaurants to experience only the best.

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Best Restaurants in the Philippines
This Filipino restaurant has been in the business since 1928 and has been recognized by the Philippine Historical Commission. Aristrocat has been known for its authentic Filipino dishes. Their menu includes the famous chicken barbeque with appetizers and desserts. Visit this website for promos and discounts. specializes in Greek cuisine and prepared by a well-known chef named Chef Robby. This website offers luxury dining in the Philippines at a reasonable price. Check out their other restaurant branches located around the metro.
Best Restaurants in the Philippines


This restaurant is famous for its eat-all you-can dining experience. With its wide variety of dishes, it is the ultimate go- to of families and friends especially for special occasions. Their rates are affordable with promos and rewards that can be availed online.
A great way to spend quality time with your loved ones is to dine with them while sharing stories and ideas. Dining at Antonio’s gives a homey ambiance with delicious home cooked meals prepared with the best ingredients.
An American restaurant offering the Southwestern flare. offers the best baby back ribs with its original mouth-watering burgers and ice cold beer. Chili’s is also the best restaurant for steaks and fajitas.
Best Restaurants in the Philippines


Get a taste of Italy such as pastas and pizzas made with fresh ingredients. is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Visit their branches now.
Best Restaurants in the Philippines
This is a unique restaurant that serves both American and Italian dishes. Spend holidays and other special occasions with your family and visit Italianni’s with numerous branches around the Philippines.
Best Restaurants in the Philippines

Legend Villas

Experience a home away from home with The Legend Villas. High quality home cooked dishes are offered with superb services at a reasonable price. Bring your family over and create memories that will last a lifetime.
Best Restaurants in the Philippines

Sala Restaurant

Luxury dining at within your reach with This place is highly recommended for fine dining lovers with great taste. The menu focuses on foods that are best pared with the best wine available today. Book your reservations early and prepare for that ultimate dining experience.
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