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Best Travel Blogs of 2019 21%

Freedom Wall

Take a look at what has to offer you right now and see exactly a travel blog can be when it offers the right information. You will definitely enjoy the contents available on this website, including those that talk about excellent destinations and what you can actually do when you get there. You’ll definitely want to visit this site if you are interested in traveling. Be sure to take a look at such contents as “Where to Buy Discounted Hong Kong Attraction Tickets or Passes,” “Malapascua Travel Guide and the Not-so-ordinary Island Life,” and “Biri Rock Formations Travel Guide: The Fascinating Natural Monuments of Samar.”
Best Travel Blogs of 2019 11%

Team Out of Town

Out of Town blog is an online magazine where personal experiences of the author are shared. Read about their fun travel tales, news and tips that are frequently updated. This highly recognized site shares great article with breathtaking images for readers to enjoy. The author’s journeys are truly an inspiration to many.
Best Travel Blogs 2019 9%

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

If you are more of the personalized, DIY type, then you should certainly bookmark The Pinay Solo Backpacker Blog. The site is swipeable and so easy to navigate. Plus, her write-ups are really good if you would want to go for a blogger who has a way with words. The budget blogs are interesting to read as well. Who does not want cheaper travel expenses? Don't even get me started with the pictures. The photography is so breathtaking, it's almost surreal.
Best Travel Blogs 2019 7%

Marcus Aurelius

Going international has never been this easy. For travel tips to go, this is it! This includes the best destination one can go to, visa, how to pack and so much more. This blog has genuine memoirs about the blogger's trip around the word, since memories as great as once-in-a-lifetime adventures are worth pondering and should not be forgotten. The photographs herein reflect the lushness of nature and the incredible features of the world we live in. Come visit this site to unwind and learn.
Best Travel Blogs 2019 7%

Pinay Travel Junkie

Want to experience a plethora of destinations through your computer screen? Pinay Travel Junkie did just that. She saw to it everyone can get a glimpse of what it would be like to be in a particular place we have never been to. The festivals, the events and incoming festivities are also attached to the glorious pictures she took during her worthwhile vacations. The how-tos are also really helpful especially when you are still new to the world of traveling. Visit her site and explore!
Best Travel Blogs 2019 7%


If you are into wise, thrifty yet worthwhile travels, then detourista will lead you straight to your destination. There is a step-by-step procedure for you to click on and voila! The right tips at the right time. Marcos, the founder of Detourista has already traveled so many countries, he really can't miss out on the most effective travel tips. He also wrote blogs ranking different tourist destinations in each country. Detourista is a very organized travel buddy; you should totally go ahead and check his site.
Lakas ng Trip 7%

Lakas ng Trip

Philippines is renowned for being rich in culture, tradition and tourist destinations. Lakas ng Trip is dedicated to fostering Filipino pride by posting mostly undiscovered places in the Philippines, plus, a little glimpse of the beauty of Asia as a continent. The recipes from different regions are just so mouthwatering, you just want to make one at home or try it yourself at that particular place. The foodtrip is real in this blog. You don't want to miss it. Don't be shy and see it for yourself.
Earthlingorgeous 7%


For a minimalistic yet classy elegant blog, Earthlingorgeous is the one to pick. The articles, the concepts and the photos are so artistic, it's not difficult to be impressed. The wording in each article resembles the writer in so many ways: fun, sophisticated and adventurous. Everything about the blog is so engaging and pleasing to the eyes. If you want to know good dining places and how to DIY your home into a vacation place, then this blog is a must-visit. Don't forget to click "read more!"
Best Travel Blogs 2019 7%

Laureen Uy

Celebrity bloggers with celebrity guests are the thing nowadays. If your eyes search for great sceneries, plus amazing outfits then Break My Style is absolutely, a hundred percent your style. This is a versatile site wherein aside from great travels, Laureen Uy also talks about fashion, beauty and events that even celebrities go to. Everything about her is so hashtag goals, you can't just get enough of her blog. The places she goes to are also ultra classy like her. Bonus, she has a video of the chubby bunny challenge with Erwan Heusaff, you should absolutely check it out.
Best Travel Blogs 2019 7%

Solitary Wanderer

Getting lost in a magical place (not literally) is just something we want to try once in our lives: to travel alone. For a female traveler, Solitary Wanderer is just so brave and astounding for being able to travel alone and have fun with it. If you want to go solo like her, then this is your absolute cup of tea. She went on extreme adventures alone, dwelt unto different cities alone and had the time of her life alone with no regrets. Undeniably, this is something we have always dreamed of trying. See for yourself as she loves what she does.
Best Travel Blogs 2019 5%

Aileen Adalid

To say this blog is impressive would be an understatement. Aileen Adalid has been on TV channels we all know of like National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet and many more. She is definitely the "It Girl" in travel blogs. She already sojourned the seven continents and she won't stop for the love of her blog. Her blog is just so inspiring you would want to save up and travel the seven seas after reading her well-put articles. Read her travel diary and be inspired to create your own memories.
Best Travel Blog 5%

Bino Chua

Bino is in constant search for the best and unique places around the world. He provides first-hand information about the food, culture and the locals from his travels. Readers will get to know the locals and their food. Accommodation will not be a problem for he provides a list and honest reviews. He was featured in different travel magazines and other big media companies. With Bino’s blog, traveling comes more accessible.


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