Charities Against Poverty Campaign

The quest to end extreme poverty is one that is shared by millions of people across the world. Families who do have financial stability often have a tough time getting sufficient food to eat, much less obtain basic needs such as healthcare, education, and employment. Thousand of organizations are working tirelessly to help support the mission to break the seemingly endless cycle of poverty.

The charities that are included in this campaign have made significant contributions into effective poverty relief. They implement innovative and cost-effective services and programs that bring medical services, essential nutrients, and economic opportunities to the countless people who are living in extreme poverty today.

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that aims to bring strength, stability, and self-reliance to families through shelter. They are driven by their mission to assist needy families into homes with safer and more affordable living conditions. They believe that by bringing communities together, people can expect better outcomes such as improved health, stronger childhood development, and a more stable financial ability.

Operation Blessing Foundation

Operation Blessing Foundation is the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia Family of Ministries. Its mission is to fight hunger, disease, unemployment, illiteracy, and abuse one family and one community at a time. Its programs involve providing strategic disaster relief, medical aid, hunger relief, clean water, and community development. With its volunteer team, Operation Blessing reaches out to people from remote areas to offer their services for free.
PREDA is an organization that helps rescue young girls from the streets, brothels, human traffickers, and sex offenders and young boys from government detention facilities where they suffer from unspeakable abuse. The children that they rescue are housed in separate homes in the country side. The PREDA team ensures that these children live in a happy family and a community that is committed to helping them overcome the traumas they have endured.
FCED is an organization that helps bring together other organizations and community volunteers in providing community-based services that promote social and economic development in the poverty-stricken areas of Manila. They implement programs that provide education, training, and income opportunities for children and their families. The also initiate community efforts designed to meet the basic needs of these children.

Christian Compassion Ministries

Cubao Reformed Baptist Church seeks to share and demonstrate their faith among the poorest sectors in Manila. Their programs include providing care and assistance to children and families in the slums and on the streets, offering a home for children who have been abused and neglected, as well as scheduling a weekly meal and Gospel talk for homeless people.

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction

The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction has almost a century of experience in helping communities overcome poverty. It is an international development, training, and research organization that is committed to empowering the rural poor to break the cycle of poverty. The approaches that they use for their programs are integrated, people-centered, and sustainable, focusing on strengthening and learning from local communities.

Purple Community Fund

Purple Community Fund was founded by Jane Walker in 1996 after hearing about the horrible conditions in which families were living and working. She began her crusade to break the cycle of poverty through education, welfare, and livelihood programs. These programs are designed to cultivate self-respect and self-reliance, which will help empower the local people to take charge of their own destinies and futures.

Tulay sa Pagunlad, Inc.

Tulay sa Pagunlad, Inc. is a Christian micro-enterprise development organization that aims to provide individuals, families, and communities with opportunities that will help them alleviate their conditions. They offer a range of services that help micro-entrepreneurs and farmers establish, sustain, or grow their enterprises and farms. They believe that with a more stable source of livelihood, people can successfully break away from poverty.

The Philippine Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross, an institution that traces its roots to the revolutionary days, is the premier humanitarian organization in the country. It is dedicated to implementing life-saving programs and services that safeguard the life and integrity of indigent individuals. The organization focuses its activities in the remote areas of the country that are suffering from the chronic consequences of persistent armed conflicts.
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