Hottest Food Photography

Food photography is quite challenging for food bloggers. The images must be perfect in order to convey the message effectively and to promote the blog’s own personality. Each picture must catch the eye of the reader, highlight the dishes presented and increase one’s appetite. Our list composes of the best in the field of food photography. Check it out and vote for your favorite.

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Gerry San Miguel

This blog is definitely a feast for the eyes. Take a close up look at Filipino dishes that are available in popular restaurants around the metro. All the images are visually enticing which make every reader crave for such popular dishes.
A blog that chronicles the life of the bloggers, Fran and Paul and their great love for food. Enjoy home cooked meals captured in its simplest form. This blog shares with the readers their collection of healthy home cooked meals that are easy to prepare and visually satisfying.
A blog that captures the story behind each recipe. The images are all of good quality photos and are captured perfectly. The dishes are closely related to the blogger’s life and that she finds inspiration from every recipe for readers to enjoy.

Abby Raines

If you are in search for Filipino home style dishes, then this blog is for you. Each recipe is presented with mouth-watering images that are creatively captured. Follow this blog and be inspired to do some gastronomic adventure.

RG Enriquez

RG shares with her readers her talent for cooking everything vegan. She presents every dish with beautiful photos that are vibrant and authentic. She wanted to create awareness that diets that consist of vegetables are healthier and reduce the risk of diseases including cancer. Embrace the vegetarian diet and live longer.

Marvin Gapultos

Marvin is a multi-awarded blogger that has a unique approach to Filipino cooking. He focuses on writing his cookbook featuring famous Filipino dishes including appetizers and street foods. The images presented looks appetizing and bursting with colors and texture.

Yedy Calaguas

Yedy has been writing articles for her blog since 2008 and has been recognized by several blog awards for her talent and dedication. A great blog that consists of great images with countless healthy food suggestions. This blog is now considered to be an influencer in the field of food blogging.

Food Photographer Philippines

A food blog with a professional food photographer is a match made in heaven. Mr. Louie Aguinaldo captures each dish with pure talent and passion. Each food imagery is clean and crisp and considered to be of world class quality. Check out this blog and be inspired.

Ang Sarap

Raymund takes all the photos presented in his blog. The surprising part of it was he does not use any special trick or special studio just to come up with amazing photos. It only takes creativity and pure talent. Check out his blog and be amazed at the results.
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