Tech & Gadget Blogs Award 2018

Laptops, smartphones and gadgets are now considered to be an essential part of our lives. And every day, more and more gadgets are being introduced in the market. And for this reason, we are in need of blogs which can help us decide which is the best and will cater for our tech needs. Our list composes the best and the most reliable. Their expertise in technology is incomparable and one of the best in the Philippines.

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Voting ends on 19th of July 2018
Php 10,500 is divided between the bloggers
You decide who wins. Vote below! is one of the leading technology blogs in the Philippines. It features the latest and most sought after laptops, smart phones, gadgets and accessories. This site was founded by MarK Macanas with a vision to help build a tech-informed and tech-empowered nation.
Daniel started as simple blog in 2012 and from then on, his site became a techno blog. Aside from providing information about the latest trends, specs and prices are also provided. The best part of this blog is the availability of price lists which are very helpful for those who are in search for the best but on a budget.
With thousands of social media followers and subscribers, this site continues to be one of the leading tech blogs in the Philippines. This site is full of information about reviews, opinions, trends about gadgets and gaming.
From being a hobby website, evolved into a tech website with the objective of helping Filipinos by sharing useful information about technology. This website continues to be one of the most trusted in the Philippines.
10% shares the latest trends about technology, gadgets, softwares, toys and more. It also talks about reviews that are honest and reliable.

John Philip

This site started as a personal blog and grew into a bigger website focusing on technology. For readers who are in search for the best and latest in the tech world, this site is the ultimate go-to website. It features many categories from gadgets to SEO.
This site talks about gadget specs with prices. Readers can get a better sense about phone comparisons by visiting this website. also talks about gadget reviews, business news and the latest tech product releases. is the ultimate website for the newest and biggest in the tech world. They share the latest in local and international tech news. This is content rich site with honest mobile phone reviews and videos with thousands of views.


This site covers the latest and most interesting news about technology. The topics range from gaming, photography to gadgets and accessories and even cars. It provides readers with useful information about tech.
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Since has become a success within the last year, we have decided to give something back. Our blogger awards give us the opportunity to reward some of our favourite bloggers who have inspired us by sharing their knowledge on a wide range of topics. We have decided to set the awards up as a voting contest, which enable our visitors to participate actively in the voting process.

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