Tech & Gadgets Blog Award 2017

We have nominated a number of bloggers from the Philippines that we think deserve to win our Tech & Gadgets Blog Award 2017. The bloggers have been chosen based on their knowledge and passion for writing about Technology, which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiring blog posts.

The full amount of Php 10,500 will be divided among the bloggers according to the percentage of votes received. This means that every single vote counts, and that all bloggers will receive a part of the prize.

You decide which blogger deserves to win the biggest prize.

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Voting ends on 19th of July 2017
Php 10,500 is divided between the bloggers
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This site is the best guide to the latest trend in the technology industry. offers some of the best reviews on the latest gadgets, freeware and anything about the internet.. It is very informative and even post conducts contests and giveaways. This site has received numerous awards and recognitions in the Philippines for an outstanding blog work.

This blog is is about technology, Linux, Open Source, Cisco and networking. It offers reviews, tips and hacks which are very helpful for readers. For techies who are in search for some useful tutorials, is the blog to search for.

With thousands of likes and followers from social media, is one site to visit. It has many important posts and reviews which techies love to talk about. It is well written and always up to date making it one of the best in the tech blog industry.
Geeky Pinas
3% has received numerous awards including Best Tech Blog and Gizmo Geek Award. This is a must follow site for it reports on a variety of tech news and reviews about the newest gadgets and gaming. It is very informative and fun to read.
Bloggers Tech
2% is a pinoy blogger tech who shares the latest gadgets, internet tips and tricks to the readers. The tutorials provided are simple and easy.
For people who are fascinated by learning new techniques and specifications of new gadgets, this blog is the one for you.
3% is a 4-man team that is dedicated to give the latest trends in technology especially the latest in the gadgets industry. It is one of the most popular tech blogs that most readers follow for it is a source of information for the latest gadgets with its market prices.

This site is the best source of information for the latest smartphones, computers, laptops, and other gadgets and accessories complete with corresponding product reviews. It is up-to-date and very informative. The blog also offers news and informations in the tech industry.
Gadget Pilipinas
5% is about tech news and product reviews. With thousands of likes and followers, is considered to be one of the best tech blogs in the Philippines. This blog is the haven for tech geeks when in search for the latest gadgets and tech accessories.
Giz Guide
2% is the ultimate guide for tech geeks. It is the go-to source for the latest gadgets, smartphones, laptops, cameras, apps and accessories. Each reviews are on point and also offers tutorials for the noob. The site also has raffle contest wherein readers can win exciting gadgets and accessories.

Geek Juan

If you’re into tech, you might want to give a try since the site covers some of the most interesting parts about geek culture, technology and so much more that you might be interested in as well. Thanks to its awesome variety in topics and excellent delivery, is definitely a must read and why it’s getting nominated.
Tech Beat

If you are going to read something about tech, you might as well do it with The site offers some really good insights about the tech industry and the direction that the industry is heading. It also provides up to date information on the latest gadgets that you can get. That makes worth nominating.

Want to be up to date on the latest that the tech world has to offer? Then you need to read and its helpful contents. You get the most current news and developments regarding gadgets as well as what people can expect from tech. We’re nominating for doing such a great job.

GSM Solution

Offering useful information on the latest gadgets and electronics, is an essential blog to read for those who want to know about certain products that they may be thinking of buying. It’s get a ton of details to offer, which makes more than worthy of being chosen as a nominee.

All about geek culture, is a place where nerds can gather and get their fill of all of their nerdy hobbies, interests, and preferences. It’s where superhero movies are reviewed, gadgets are discussed and geek insights are shared. That’s what makes so easy for us to nominate.
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