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Shopping for beauty items from some of the larger retail sites in the market is all well and good, but if you want specific beauty products, you’ll need a specialist website. When it comes to Korean beauty items, you won’t find too many options as good as Althea. Full of makeup, skincare, hair & body treatments, and so much more that are specifically made in South Korea or to produce effects that are notably South Korean, shopping at this beauty focused shop is worth a try.

It’s also a perfect place for countries that have been heavily influenced by Korean culture such as the Philippines, which means that that the people in those countries can order products that can make them look like their favourite Korean stars. Just type in something like althea pills Philippines or althea philippines coupon code for example and you’ll find that the results speak for themselves.

Super Korean Selections

When it comes to beauty products, there will often be ingredients that were gathered from every corner of the world and there will be items that took inspiration from one culture or another, but it’s difficult to think of another niche that is as region-centric as what Althea is offering. By selling beauty items that are patently Korean, the site is basically setting it up as an intensely exotic experience to simply shop there.



More than anything else, however, what’s important to bear in mind is the fact that the products bear their Korean features in terms of how they are used and what they contain. So it’s not like you can just buy one of their makeup boxes, start putting them on and say that you already have a Korean look. It doesn’t work like that. You’ll also need to learn a little more about how Koreans tend to apply their makeup and how the results typically look.

Delivers Internationally

Just because Althea offers Korean beauty products, doesn’t mean that it only ships in Korea. Just type in althea korea Malaysia or althea korea Indonesia and you’ll see if your country is one of the destinations that Althea can deliver products to. This is great because there are so many people in so many places that are becoming interested in everything Korean.



With the spread of K-Pop, Korean TV dramas and Korean food, it’s only natural that so many would be interested in Korean beauty. Then again, it’s not as if people could just get any old lipstick, blush or eyeliner to get that Korean look. That’s why there was such a huge demand for authentic Korean beauty products. Typically, Althea will have a list of places that it can send products to, but for select regions customers will likely have to pay higher shipping fees if they are too far.

All The Cares You Could Ask For

Whether it is skincare, hair care, body care or whatever else kind of beauty care product you are after, it’s likely that you’ll find what you are looking for at Althea. It’s just a bonus that a lot of the items have inherently Korean properties or are intended precisely to bring out a Korean effect. This goes for everything, from the makeup item selections to the hair & body products.



Just hover your cursor over any of the categories that you’ll find on the homepage once you visit the site to get a good grasp of exactly how wide and varied the selections are at Althea. You’ll be able to order lotions, shampoo & conditioners, lip treatments, primers and so much more. If you check out the Korea’s Trendy tab, you’ll find some of the current styles that Koreans are into at that particular time or some timeless staples that you’ll always find Koreans wearing.

You can purchase these items individually, as part of a set, or as package items that are sold to fit a theme or during special occasions. Best of all, there are so many brands to choose from that you’ll feel dizzy at the amount of freedom you get in terms of your choices.

Great Customer Care

Barring all the excellent beauty products that you can get from Althea, the retail site also has a reputation for great customer service and for good reason. Just take a look at any althea Philippine review sources for example and you’ll see a lot of them talk about how fast delivery is, how pristine the packages are when they arrive and how well their questions were answered.


When you take a look at the site’s services, you’ll also see that it offers free shipping for your orders of beauty items and a 30-Day return policy. If any product arrives at your doorstep damaged or if you were sent the wrong items, you can return them without having to pay extra fees. When shopping online, having that extra security that such a guarantee offers is great for peace of mind.

Amazing Offers

Finally, we get to one of the most important parts about shopping online or just shopping in general. If you are looking for great deals on the makeup or beauty care items that you want to buy, Althea offers them in spades. Whether they are discounts, sales, althea coupon code offers, or whatever else, this Korean-centric beauty retailer can oblige.


Every day, new items are posted up as products on sale. As such, you can just keep on coming back to find the product that you are looking for when it’s finally at a price that you want to pay. Holiday seasons or the weeks before special occasion are particularly lucrative for getting product deals that you won’t likely get anywhere else.

If you want to know when such deals take place or what Althea has going on at a particular time, you can sign up to become a member and receive newsletters. Doing so will also merit an instant discount from the site in the form of a store credit reward. You can use this to buy makeup items on the cheap or order more items than you originally intended.

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