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The best promo code and deals for hotels like Agoda

You already have the ticket and ready for you trip but you don’t have a place to stay? That would be very bothersome. But worry no more. We are here to help you out. Check out our Hotels section to get the best deals that you can afford to help you enjoy your vacation.


When you book using Bank of Commerce credit cards.

8 times used this week


Plus, earn bonus Membership Rewards® Points with your qualified American Express Card. Reach a single or accumulated spend of P400,000 to get 40,000 Membership Rewards® Points or P800,000 to get 80,000 Membership Rewards® Points until October 15, 2017.
The stay period is from March 20, 2017 to May 31, 2018.


• CNY 80 for any booking exceeding CNY 2,000
• CNY 130 for any booking exceeding CNY 2,600
• CNY 200 for any booking exceeding CNY 3,300

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