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We have nominated a number of bloggers from Philippines that we think deserve to win our Best Online Magazine. The bloggers have been chosen based on their knowledge and passion for writing and creating an online magazine, which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiring blog posts.

The full amount of Php 10,500 will be divided among the bloggers according to the percentage of votes received. This means that every single vote counts, and that all bloggers will receive a part of the prize.

You decide which blogger deserves to win the biggest prize.

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Voting ends on 14th of July 2017
Php 10,500 is divided between the bloggers
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Live in the Philippines
For a non-resident who wants to move to the Philippines, offers services such as consultation and relocation services. Bob Martin who is the editor-in-chief and publisher is an entrepreneur who came to live in Mindanao and love the country. This online was listed as one of the best under special category in the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards.
Adobo Magazine Online


It is the best source for online news and events especially in the field of advertising. It has thousands of subscribers from both local and international viewers. The people behind adobomagazine never stop in giving the readers the latest trend in advertising concepts of well known international brands making this online magazine to be one of the best in the field.
New City Philippines


newcityph is a unique kind of web magazine because it shares latest news in a different perspective. It is the official publication of the FOCOLARE Movement which is an international organization that promotes the ideals of unity and universal brotherhood. It focuses on the issues and events about the organization and shares their ideals about spirituality.
Pinoy Newsmagazine


pinoynewsmagazine is an online Filipino- American magazine that brings the latest news and trends around the world. It shares news from Filipino communities abroad. The site is very helpful for Filipino readers based in the United States. It is published monthly and is readily available every 20th of the month.


Cosmo magazine is one of the best when it comes to fashion and trends.. The web version attracts thousands of readers from the philippines and abroad. The Site is very colorful and eye catching. It is very informative and always up to date when it comes to buzz and trends in the entertainment world.
Welcome to our e-Magazine! Mabuhay!


This e-magazine features Filipino culture and the arts. The main focus of is to show the different Filipino festivals, culture and heritage. Filipino artists and their art exhibits are also highlighted in each copy. The news and informations are always positive and candid.

cookmagazine has been in circulation for the past 15 years. The team behind this magazine includes food experts and well known chefs in order to deliver only the best. All the images in the digital magazine are mouthwatering and every article is simple and well-written. It has a circulation of over 150,000 nationwide.
The Expat's Guide to the Philippin lifestyle


This online magazine is every expat’s guide to anything and everything about the Philippines. features Filipino food, events and tourist destinations. It also features the latest news and trends about beauty and fashion. It is considered to be a travel and leisure magazine.
Smart Parenting


It is the leading source of news and information of Filipino parents in terms of raising a child properly. It caters to the modern family today. Each article is candid and very informative. It features child health and nutrition, child development and most especially, values formation.


Candy magazine is a teen magazine that usually caters to young Filipinas who are always in search for the latest craze in fashion and entertainment. The magazine is fun and is filled with interactive features. is one of the most read magazines in the Philippines with over 270,000 readers.
Juan Manila Express

Juan Manila

juanmanilaexpress .com features the latest news in technology, entertainment and other social media related reports. This site is perfect for people who want to keep up to date about trends and current events especially around Metro Manila. It is fun and informative because it offers a wide variety of topics such as movies, tech, business and wellness.
zacsarian - ac b. sarian

With superbly excellent ideas pertaining to farming and living life the organic way, anyone who is interest in such topics would do well to visit The information is useful and great for real-life applications. That’s why it’s getting nominated.
hilippin Real Estate Listings & Property Finder


A great magazine that covers a variety of business topics, is great for those who want a better understanding of how the business world works. also features some pretty big brands as partners, which makes it a force in the market. That’s why is an obvious nominee for us.


With topics such as lifestyle, food, travelling, TV, music and more, certainly covers a wide range of industries that you might want to stay up to date on. If you really want to keep up with current events, would be a great place to start looking at relevant information. That’s why gets our nomination.

TV Series Craze

When it comes to everything to do with TV and TV programmes, you are looking at one of the best resources on the web with This website has all the latest in terms of news, spoilers, and recaps that you could ask for about your favorite series or episodes. That makes well worth nominating.

When it comes to everything to do with the Philippines and Manila, specifically, is probably one of the most worthwhile resources that you can use. With insightful content and interesting updates on some of the most exciting happenings, it’s definitely worth checking out That’s why we’re nominating it in the first place.
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