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Mohammed Anzil

Combining the life in social media and the actual benefit of technology, this site is successful in explaining how social media affects our lives. It is important to have a deeper understanding on how these social media technologies can either help us in making our lives easier and how it will bring us down if we don’t know how to use it properly. By writing in-depth reviews, readers get to learn and appreciate the proper way of using our social media accounts to make it beneficial instead of harming us. Read up on his fun, and great write ups about different technology apps today!
Best Technology Blogs 2019 22%

Seni Berpikir

With the increasing number of technology related products, there is a need for people to validate first if a product is actually real or not. That is why there are so many review websites where you can read the authors’ verdicts on different products telling consumers the pros and cons of certain brands. This indonesian review site is filled with useful articles dedicated to its indonesian audience. They also have articles regarding different news happening in their region, as well as other important topics such as education, blogging, training, and technology trend.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 7%

Srinivas Tamada

As the name implies, this blog is all about sharing educational resources for future programmers talking about a variety of questions regarding different technology stack. If you are in the lock out for an easy to follow guide, then this is the perfect site you should follow. It also has amazing hacks that you can follow when doing your other online activities such as using your social media and optimizing it for you benefit. Written by an entrepreneur, it has the idea of sharing knowledge to improve the learning capacity of the people reading it.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 6%

Techno Baboy

This site name is a fun use of the Filipino term for pig, but it has no relation whatsoever in the content published in this blog site. It is amongst the most active tech blog sites that continuously publish news and contents relevant to the lives of the tech savvy Filipinos. They stay updated with the latest trends and news both locally and internationally that might affect not only the tech industry but also the lives of tech enthusiasts. Their simple news theme helps the readers to easily navigate their content so they’ll find what they are looking for. 4%

JL Santiago Aquino

Do you want to enjoy reading lifestyle articles while also discovering different technology brands that will elevate your travelling experience? Then this is the site to read as you will really get to see these brands in action and how it can give your vacation or travelling experience an additional oomph factor. It is understandable that many of us want to capture these experiences as they do not come on a daily basis that is why reading about actual reviews and experiences can help you decide which one is perfect based on your needs and on your budget.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 2%

Tech Pinas

Using the country’s name as the name of the website, techpinas caters to a wide variety of Filipino audience from those who are casual technology readers and users, to those who are advanced in terms of understanding their gadgets and technology use. They also do a lot of reviews whenever a new product is released. It covers mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other gaming equipment to guide buyers and help them make a smart decision. Their advantage is they focus on particular brands giving them a wider access and experience when doing their reviews so buyers can easily compare between brands.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 2%


The name is a play on the first thing we do when we buy a new gadget, we unbox it to check the contents. Just like what the name suggests, it focuses on reviewing new releases straight from the box to ensure the quality of their reviews. While majority of what they do are mobile phones, they also review laptops and other techie gadgets. The great thing about this site is they have a top 5 gadgets to suggest their top picks based on their reviews. They also publish their opinions regarding the current news in the technology world as expected by their readers.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 2%

Yuga Tech

This is easily one of the most famous technology blogs that has been dominating the industry for a few years now. Although their contents are most reviews and news about gadgets and other related technology topics, they also have pages where users can ask questions and the community will provide answers. This great interaction lead to the number of followers of this site creating a community that discusses topic and questions making their articles more rooted to the realities experienced by their readers. And also, since this is a place where one can almost certainly find an answer, it adds to the reasons why people frequently visit this site.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 2%

Pinoy Tech Blog

Aside from doing reviews, this techblog is a source of almost any information and news about the tech community in the country. It covers a wide variety of mobile phone brands giving you an insight of the key differences of each model so you’ll have more confidence and information when you decide to purchase one. They also have an updated pricelist of the products they review so you are aware on how much you will have to spend to get the gadget of your choice.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 2%

Ankit Prakash

This technology blog is mostly focus on the digital marketing aspect of technology teaching people how to take advantage of the different online resources in improving their digital marketing standing. This is very beneficial to those who have an online business who want to improve what they are doing currently. They also provide tips and helps on how to find the right tools that you can use for yourself, and how to improve your current activities so you can reach your goals. It also offers its own services to increase the productiveness of your website leading to higher sales. 2%

Adrian Tan

This blog site is all about the current updates and trends in the world of technology. He posts a lot about new things that will definitely help those who are seeking new ways and techniques in improving the state of their technology whether in their personal lives or in their business lives. He also accepts guest postings from people who are as passionate as him in creating content that will enrich and empower the lives of others. Follow him in his journey and at the same time, learn from his experiences through reading his articles. 2%

Geek Fence

This site is surely a geek haven of information and reviews about the latest technology trends and products. You will have access to fresh and updated contents and reviews that the writers researched on. Aside from reviews on the latest products such as phones, tablets, and laptops, they also cover other gadgets such as cameras, hoverboards, and speakers. They also have a wide range of articles about other technology topics and trends that you should know about, especially if you take pride about being a geek.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 1%

Noypi Geeks

Another clever use of the reverse slang for Filipinos, noypigeeks stands true to its promise, to deliver unbiased and straight to the point news and reviews to benefit the general Filipino population. They most cover new tech releases to guide the buyers to properly choose their gadgets. They also write about any local or international incident that might affect the industry. They also have a dedicated youtube channel where you can watch their video content demonstrating gadgets and their verdict about it. This is a great way to engage their audience to keep them loyal to the site.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 0%


Its name says it all. It is a technology guide for Filipinos who want to stay updated in the latest trend in the technology industry. Read up on the latest news that is happening all over the world that might affect the technology industry including price movement and the next release dates of the newest models. They also do several reviews but mostly focused on mobile phones, the largest market in the technology business nowadays. They also update their pricelists to guide new buyers on their options so when people read their reviews, they can easily decide whether they want to buy it or not.
Best Technology Blogs 2019 0%


It is a holistic technology website covering all topics related to technology. Aside from focusing on most of the things that we are using like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, they are also checking up on other gadgets such as drones and cameras so people who might want to invest in such things will find useful. Also, it talks about different online activities such as using emails, and other web apps that will make your personal or professional life more convenient. You will definitely learn from the experts’ opinions published in this website.


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