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Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 34%


Take a look at right now and see how the group is focusing on the ocean and what people can do to help it. Among the contents most worthy of your time are “Feedback and Planning Workshop on Southeast Cebu Marine Protected Areas (MPAs),” “Isla de Fuego MPA awards 2019,” and “Celebrating World Environmental Month for a Cause.”
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 10%

Habitat for Humanity

You are going to want to take a look at what is all about if you are interested in truly making a difference in people’s lives. You can start by browsing through its selection of contents like “Of Hope and New Beginnings,” “French Habitat Daanbantayan Village,” “Rebuild Philippines: Yolanda (Haiyan),” and a lot more. Visit the site to find even more contents to enjoy.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 8%

Teach for the Philippines

With education being completely important for the development of a country, charity groups like are most definitely worthy of your time to visit. At this site are such contents as “TFP and HSBC: A Year of Working Together for Filipino Students,” “FLIPPED 2018: A Celebration of Progressive Learning,” and “TFP hosts Network Learning Trip for international delegation.”
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 8%

Children's Hour

When you visit, you will immediately see why this organization is worthy of your time and attention if you are interested in helping children. It’s full of the most interesting contents that will inspire you to act such as “Turnover of Classrooms at Tetep-An with BDB Law Foundation,” “Children’s Hour Philippines Foundation celebrates 20th year of the One Hour Campaign,” “Happy to Help: Children's Hour Champions Pack School Kits to Help Children Reach their Dreams,” and “AtletECOs Unite: an ecobricking activity w/ Sunrise Events & the triathletes.”
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 7%


You are going to want to take a look at what is all about because of how it helps the blind in many wonderful ways. You can check out what the site is all about through contents that include the annual reports that the organization provides. You might also want to spend some time looking through the services that are offered to the blind.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 7%

Fairplay for All Foundation

You are going to want to visit if you are interested in charity groups that are intent on levelling the playing field for many. Among the most fascinating reads on the site are “Faces of Payatas: Meet Mac-Mac, & Why Childhood Trauma is the Number One Health Problem Anywhere,” “Faces of Payatas: Meet Ruby (ESP Update Feb 2019),” and “Education Support Update (Jan, 2019): Meet Rose Ann. A Young Girl Finding Her Voice.”
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 7%

Project PEARLS

Check out right now and you are sure to enjoy such contents as “After School Program: Tondo Scholars’ Pre-Test in Math,” “2019-2020 Scholarship Awarding and School Supplies Distribution,” and “Brain Booster: National Flag and Philippine Independence Day.” If you are interested in reading more contents like those, you are going to want to visit this resource.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 7%


Get a load of right now and take a look at the difference that the group is making. You are going to want to take a look at this site’s contents such as those that include “RE: Awana Fulfillment and Distribution Services,” “Global Leaders Partner to Share Jesus with Young Kids,” and so much more.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 5%

Tapulanga Foundation

You really need to check out if you are going to be doing some charity work that actually means anything to you. You can take a look at wonderful examples like “Basic and Advance Drawing and Painting: (Morning Session),” Basic and Advance Drawing and Painting,” and many others like them. If you want to read or look through more of such contents, you can go ahead and visit the site now.


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