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Pinoy Fitness 14%

Pinoy Fitness

An absolute thrill ride of a fitness resource, the founder of the blog Jeff Lo showcases the kinds of amazing achievements and experiences that a person can have when fitness plays a huge role in their lives. It’s basically a collection of marathons, hikes, and amazingly inspiring adventures that everyone should aspire to get involved in, at least once in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with not being obsessed with fitness, but not wanting to at least make it a part of their life can be a huge loss. Getting sweaty and dirty is just so much fun, after all.
Scenestealer 11%


Lisa Kahayon, to whom is named after, is passionate about fashion, health, fitness, beauty, and all the things that make life worth living. The site certainly reflects this passion with the many amazing contents about exactly these topics featured on the site. Although much of the resource is dedicated to Lisa’s love of clothing items and travel, there’s still plenty an avid fitness fan can gain from the website.
Dg Manila About David Guison 11%


A breathtaking website that offers a beautiful series of windows into certain practices, destinations, and perspectives that are worth taking into9 consideration, the journey of David Guison to experience life to the fullest. He does this by traveling to amazing destinations, by being sure to take of himself, and by investing time in trying to be as healthy and fit as possible. This becomes fairly obvious once you actually take a look at what the site is all about so that you can see what you have to look forward to. logo 10%


If there’s one thing you can be sure of when visiting, it’s that the author Noelle is absolutely obsessed with being fit. She mostly accomplishes this by running, although she doesn’t shy away from other methods of staying fit such as going to the gym or cycling. What readers can get from this resource is not only some truly good tips on how to achieve the same things that Noelle already has but inspiration to actually do it. A lot of people simply need a good example of a person actually living up to their potential in order to pursue their goals.
The Bull Runner 9%


Jaymie Pizarro AKA The Bull Runner’s view in life is to keep on running, eating healthy, and living well, and this is exactly what she tries to impart via her blog She provides ample amounts of good information on various health topics that make fitness goals and even life, in general, so much easier on readers. Featuring such contents as reviews on running shoes, announcements on sporting or fitness events and how to sign up for them, as well as great new spots to exercise, there’s plenty of reasons to keep coming back to this resource.
Healthy Pinoy 9%


Being healthy is not just about being thin and you can learn all about that when you visit The site makes it a point to give readers the right information on the most relevant aspects of fitness and health that they will need to bear in mind. There’s far too much about health that people don’t really understand are facts that they need to internalize. Otherwise, health will only ever be a superficial idea that never goes skin deep. Reading this resource will help immensely with avoiding such issues. logo 7%

Stef dela Cruz

The website is the domain of Dr. Stef dela Cruz, who provides readers with excellent information on matters of health, wellness, and a variety of other topics that might affect those things. Her tips about veganism are absolutely enriching, helping people truly understand what it means and what to expect. The blog also tackles important topics that affect public health in ways that many readers might find surprising. Not only does Dr. Stef help make important subjects clearer for a lot of people, which then helps them immensely when making decisions, she also does so from the point of someone who knows what they’re talking about. logo 7%


One of the most relevant resources about health and lifestyle topics available, by Kaycee or Kat, as she is also known is definitely a blog that’s worth visiting. It’s basically a website that teaches readers how to become strong in more than one aspect of life, which goes a long way towards revealing new paths and ideas to people. There’s so much strength to be found in each person and this website is trying to show anyone interested on how they can bring that strength out and use it.
indiangirlinpoland 7%

Doreen Pinto

Health and Fitness are just two of the broad range of subjects discussed at, which makes it more than worth checking out. The site’s contents include lifestyle topics, travel, fashion, and health. If you are interested in such contents as “Fitnik 2018” and many others that are available on the site, be sure to stop by from time to time. The site’s owner, Doreen Pinto would be more than happy to provide you with all of the awesome information you need.
Healthy Living Blogs logo 6%

Healthy Living Blogs

Lindsey Janeiro of started her blog with the goal of sharing her journey to better health with others. Now, the site has become an influential resource that helps keep the health blogging community close and strong. This is incredibly important because having a support group keeps people from sliding back into bad habits and keeps them on track. On top of that, the site also features great content on how the author keeps fit and healthy, as well as providing examples of people who succeeded in being healthier versions of themselves. The whole process is a journey, after all.
yogasini 6%

Radhika Bose

Stay fit with the help of where the owner Radhika Bose shares some really good information about staying fit that you definitely want to keep an eye out for. This site is full of the most interesting contents about fitness, particularly as it pertains to the practice of yoga. If this is something that you would like to get into, contents like “Managing Diabetes with Yoga and Fortune Vivo Oil” might be of huge interest to you. You can certainly learn more than just about being fit through yoga from this site and this is worth looking into.
Rohini James 3%

Rohini James

An excellent health and fitness blog, is all about food, traveling, and staying in shape. If any or all of those subjects are of interest to you, you definitely want to stop by this site and check out its amazing contents. Examples include “Simple Ways To De-Stress During A Workday,” “How To Stay Fit While Traveling,” and “10 Workout Motivation Tips.” There are lot more interesting contents available on the site, so be sure to peruse those as well. If you’re truly committed to living a healthy and fit lifestyle, this is a chance you don’t want to pass up.


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