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Nominee 10 37%


Get a load of some truly interesting topics about food when you visit The site has a really interesting approach when it comes to getting its point across, which can be really engaging and informative.
Ochi 30%


An absolutely amazing food blog, is a resource by food enthusiast Ochi, which presents some of the most enriching and mouthwatering contents you could ask for. She writes about her experiences eating out, keeping a diary about her food escapades such as her Yasuragi Japanese cuisine experience and her thoughts on bistros she has eaten at. If you are interested at all in food and where you can find some of the best ones in the Philippines, you’ll want to visit this website.
Lutong Cavite 15%

Lutong Cavite

Lutong Cavite was born out of a desire to preserve traditional Caviteñean cuisine. The blog contains numerous recipes with interesting photos and detailed instructions that will be sure to send you straight to the kitchen. More than just showcasing a selection of scrumptious traditional dishes, the blog also features riveting stories about the history of the city itself.
Nominee 1 9%

Mary Love

When it comes to love for food, you can easily tell from the contents at that the author really loves to talk about the subject, which is why it is one of our top three blogs from last year’s list. From common fares that you can easily get your hands on to more special dishes that are more of an experience, you definitely want to check out what this site has to offer. It also touches on other subjects, as well, which you might find interesting. So go ahead and see what this resource can offer an avid food lover such as yourself.
Nominee 2 2%


A genuinely food-centric online resource, has earned its spot on this list, just as it did with last year’s by being one of the most incredible blogs that talks about delicious dishes around. If you are a fan of everything to do with the culinary world in terms of the best examples of food that are on offer as well as special events that you can look forward to, this is the site that you will want to check out. From the most scrumptious of wraps to the most delectable of desserts, you will not regret choosing as your food resource.
Nominee 4 2%


Featuring some of the most astonishingly beautiful images of delicious dishes you’ll find on the web, is one of those resources that knows the power of convincing people through their eyes before anything else. The site moves on to providing some really gripping examples of moving contents, as well, uplifting even the simplest dish to become something worth desiring by even those with the most delicate of palates. Basically, this is a site that knows how to get people excited about food, which is why you’re going to want to check it out.
Nominee 8 2%

Lloyd & Me-An

Check out and get a load of some of the most fascinating dishes you might come across in your life. A lot of people still don’t realize that food can be an entirely new adventure all on its own, especially if you haven’t really experienced eating dishes from other places all that much. If so, this is the perfect resource to park your attention and dig into the fascinating world of the culinary pursuits. Take a look at amazing food destinations, food tips, and entertaining contents that will inspire you to go on your own food journey.
Nominee 7 1%


Truly one of the most useful websites on this list, you’re going to want to check out simply because it’s got some of the most incredible food images you’ll find. From incredible stuffed bread to the most mouthwatering thematic dishes, there’s nothing better than to sit down, check out what this site has to offer and then try to think of a way to experience that for yourself. It’s certainly worth the effort if you get to taste what this blog is featuring.
Nominee 9 1%


A food blog that is quintessentially for Filipinos, features some of the most popular dishes in the country, as well as some dishes that those from different parts of the island nation might have never even heard of. There are plenty of fascinating recipes to check out and try to replicate, if you are interested. The site also offers unique insights into what makes food such an important part of life, culture, and even identity.
Pilipinasrecipe 1%

Pilipinas Recipes

Pilipinas Recipes is packed with an extensive collection of traditional Filipino food recipes. Each entry contains concise instructions on how to make a dish as it has traditionally been made plus a few bonus tips on how to make it your own. Featuring mouthwatering images and compelling origin stories, Pilipinas Recipes is undoubtedly a must-visit.
Nominee 3 0%

80 Breakfasts

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day and certainly does a good job of highlighting some of the best dishes that are served to help you jumpstart your day. Many of the food items featured on the site are iconic, as well, which add another layer of appeal to the discussion for those who have been avid fans of food for all their lives. It’s a great testament to the passion of the author of the site that the contents are so easy to digest.
Nominee 5 0%


One of the rarer additions on this list, the site is all about featuring foods that contain no products that were harvested or collected with methods involving animal cruelty. This means that there are no meats, no milk, no eggs, or anything else, which is something that a lot of food lovers have been asking for. After all, the vegan lifestyle doesn’t automatically mean that people don’t want to eat and enjoy food. They just need the right resource to show them the way in terms of recipes and food destinations. That’s what this site is.
Nominee 6 0%


Don’t worry, despite its name, isn’t all about discussing burnt, fried vegetable wraps. The site also features other dishes that a lot of people would be familiar with, at this point. The main commonality that was shared by these dishes is that they are simple, traditional, and often times, delicious. You really want to check them out in case you were interested to learn a little more about what people eat in other places as an everyday fare. It can be an excellent exercise of curiosity, especially for those who have become accustomed to a certain way of eating.


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