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Pink Heart String 15%

Kareen Liez

When it comes to being a mother, having a hobby is important in order to keep yourself occupied when the little ones are not around. It relieves stress and gives you a way to feel better about yourself. For this, is definitely one of the best resources around. That’s why is getting nominated.
Morena Mom 13%

Richelle Molon

Being a mother and staying home to take care of children is a choice and a hard one to make. Fortunately, there’s to help make the transition much easier on the mothers who have to take on this burden. Thanks to its amazingly useful tips on how to handle tough experiences, is a clearly worthy nominee.
Fully Housewifed 11%

May De Jesus-Palacpac

Having the right perspective is the key to being a wife and a mother, and can certainly provide you with the right attitude to approach the tasks required by both those states. With some fairly lighthearted topics on serious issues, hits the nail on the head, which is why we’re nominating it.
Above Precious Rubies 11%


Being a site about how mothers can choose a life of peace and quiet over the noisy excitement they once had, is an amazing resource that tells women it’s okay to settle down. It’s okay to be content spending everyday with their children, strengthening their bond and understanding. This makes so worthy of being nominated.
Nhengswonderland 6%

A fun and lively blog, is all about enjoying life no matter the situation. Whether it has to do with traveling or simply playing with the kids, has so much to offer its readers. Little wonder why we think should definitely be on the list of nominees.
rocky 5%

Joarra Solis

Every mother goes through the beginner phase where dealing with children’s issues can be a daunting task. By sharing her experiences and what she has learned about being a mom, Joarra helps mothers everywhere be better through That’s why we’re nominating
The Peach Kitchen 4%

One of the informative and creative blogs related to food and motherhood, there is certainly a lot to learn when browsing through With some truly inspiring tips and recipes, you are definitely going to get a lot out of the blog. That’s why gets our nomination and then some.
Hey, Miss Adventures 3%

Mothers need to be smart about things that have to do with traveling and provides all the necessary details that moms will need to know about. From tips on how to prepare to useful insights into the kinds of credit cards that are most useful in travels, certainly provides plenty of reasons to nominate it.
Pursuit of Functional Home 3%


Running a household can sometimes feel like an impossible job but with the help of, it doesn’t have to be so. Thanks to some truly helpful trips and great content on ways to lightheartedly handle everyday challenges of motherhood, nominating is only natural.
Cure for Mondays 3%


Mothers face challenges on a daily basis, starting from Monday morning to Sunday night. tries to help women everywhere device methods to help them remain organized so that they can get everything they need to do done when they need to. This makes a helpful site worth nominating.
mamemimommy 3%

Cheryl Polican

Talking about traveling as a mother, keeping the family healthy, and pretty much every issue that parents have to look into, certainly comes with quite the important message. It’s got some truly useful contents, which makes a no brainer as a nominee.
GlamourholicMom 2%

Although moms have it hard when taking care of their babies, this doesn’t mean that they can no longer take care of themselves. Pampering oneself and giving in to urges to put on makeup is only natural and offers plenty of great tips on how to do these things. We’re nominating for that.
Mommy Bloggers Philippines 2%


Basically acting as a collective, is the site where several authors contribute to provide their own unique insights into what it means to be a mother. It provides readers with truly individual takes on one of the greatest journeys in the life of a human. That’s why is getting nominated.
mommyafterwork 2%


It can be difficult to be a mother and work at the same time, but with the help of the information found at, it can certainly be done. Full of safe advice on how to handle a career, motherhood, and being a wife, it’s definitely a must read. It’s also getting nominated for these reasons.
photo_1 2%


Being a mother comes with a lot of stressful elements, which is why it’s important to keep balance in life. That’s exactly what helps with since it provides mothers with ways to unwind, take pleasure in life and still be good examples to the little ones. For these reasons and more, is being nominated.
AskMeWhats 1%

Covering topics such as health, lifestyle, beauty, motherhood, and art, certainly takes its moniker seriously. The blog offers comprehensive and insightful takes on some of the more mundane topics on the web and life in general. That makes worthy of its audience and our nomination by a mile.
Bride and Breakfast 1%

Essentially a window that provides visitors with a look into the life of its author, is great for getting perspective when it comes to normal parts of motherhood and being a wife. It’s great for when you need to find balance in your life. That’s why is worth nominating.
Pinay Mommy Online 1%

Talking about everything from travel tips to everyday challenges of being a mother, is a versatile blog that provides plenty of fun and inspiration. Although it’s not for everyone, it remains authentic, which makes it trustworthy. For that, is getting our nomination.
Pinay Travel Junkie 1%

Some mothers love to travel, but with the prospect of children and work, this can be a bit difficult to achieve. That’s why is so important because not only does it provide motivation to fulfil one’s dream to travel, it provides useful information on how to do so. That’s why is being nominated.
theflowerduet 1%


An amazing blog about an amazing bond between mother and child, is one of the sweetest, most heartfelt resources out there. With amazing displays of affection and a keen insight into the kinds of things mothers deal with on a daily basis, there’s really no reason not to nominate
Rock on! 0%

If you want to know how to be a cool mom without completely erasing your responsibilities, reading is definitely a must. Full of quirky, useful, and often funny contents for the struggling mother, provides so many reasons for its nomination.
Truly Rich and Blessed 0%

Tina Rodriguez

If you want a resource that can remind you of just how lucky -- nay, "blessed" -- you are to be a mother and a wife, is all you need. With honest interpretations of what it's like to raise children, the blog doesn't necessarily sugarcoat anything, but it does offer lots of positive perspectives. For this alone, gets our nomination.
Mommy Wanders 0%

Rose Angelie

With subjects like parenthood challenges, lifestyle topics, city events and so much more, is clearly not your average blog that only has one focus. You are basically looking at a window to a wonderful family’s life and experiences, providing you with insight into their most intimate moments. For its sincerity, is getting nominated.


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