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Fashion Blogs 2019 59%

Laureen Uy

Lauren Uy is the proud owner of Break My Style. Having worked with several prestigious fashion brands, she truly deserves the recognition as one of the top fashion influencer in the industry.
Fashion Blogs 2019 20%

Camille Co

A fun and exciting beauty and fashion blog by Ms. Camille who has her own clothing label named Coexist. She’s been blogging since 2011 and has received numerous recognitions both local and international. An exciting feature on her blog is the giveaways category wherein she gives prizes to readers such as roundtrip plane tickets and beauty products.
Fashion Blogs 2019 7%

Kryz Uy

This well- educated lady loves to travel around the world and is also in constant search for some sartorial adventures. Her stylish blog came into a realization way back 2009 as a school project. With her educational background and experience in the world of fashion, Kryz is definitely an influencer.
Fashion Blogs 2019 5%

Kim Jones

Kim is considered to be one of the major influencers in the field of beauty and fashion. Her influence has reached global recognition and her works and achievements were recognized by major media companies worldwide. Her website contains creative and high quality content and articles.
Fashion Blogs 2019 3%

Tricia Gosingtian

Tricia shares her experiences to empower and inspire women around the world. Get makeup reviews and beauty inspirations available on her blog. A beautiful website that is for keeps.
Fashion Blogs 2019 2%


Sarah is living her life to the fullest. She is known to be free- spirited yet well-driven. Her blog clearly shows her personality. Read about her travel, her personal relationship and her passion. Her sense of fashion and style are fun and luxurious. Read honest reviews about beauty, gadgets and hotels on her website.
Fashion Blogs 2019 1%

Kumiko Mae

This blog started as a new year’s resolution and many of the author’s posts. Mae made a name in the field of beauty blogging by writing honest reviews and posting the latest beauty products available in the market today. She made partners with some of the biggest beauty product companies worldwide.
Fashion Blogs 2019 1%

Nikki Tiu

Nikki is a successful career woman with a passion for things that make a woman beautiful. She started her blog to give her followers beauty product reviews, tips and tutorials. Her blog is like an interactive beauty magazine with different categories such as product reviews, how to’s, nail art fashion and travels. She even offers recipes and food reviews. Definitely one for the bookmark. 1%

Dominique Tiu

Being a self-declared fashion blogger and stylist, Dominique derives her inspiration from the internet and media spreads. She is exceptional and unique. Her style exudes elegance and beauty an her blog is a great source of inspiration.
Influential Fashion Blog 1%


Kristine made a name for herself after years of beauty blogging experience. Her love for makeup products got her interesting in writing and blogging. She gives the best beauty advice for Asian women. She had tried some interesting beauty treatments herself. And her beauty tips and tutorials are a hit for readers.


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