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Din Merican 37%

Din Merican


Din Merican, originally from Malaysia, is a former foreign service officer and central banker. Currently, he is the Associate Dean of the University of Cambodia. His blog contains news articles that he has curated, depending on their relevance to the latest and most pressing issues of the day. His commentary and writings on these issues are carefully balanced and are always open to divergent opinions
bongmendoza 21%

Bong Mendoza


Bong Mendoza is a Political Science professor who writes about his reflections on Philippine and world politics, political economy, and political philosophy. Bong concisely discusses his views on current issues and seamlessly links them with historical data and political theory. One of the highlights of his blog is the occasional photopoem, where he integrates images with verse to offer clever insights on a broad range of subjects.
tonyocruz.com 10%

Tonyo Cruz


Tonyo Cruz is a blogger, newspaper columnist, social media strategist, and more. With his background in journalism, Tonyo shares his analysis of political issues, backed up by historical and comprehensive stats. With his honest and straightforward commentary on politics, mainstream media, and social phenomenon, Tonyo’s blog has become the place to find out about the latest political scandal or gaffe.
politiko logo 7%

Gil Cabacungan


Politiko is a social news blog that covers politicians, their relatives, allies, and friends. The news site is known for its accurate and honest local news coverage with just a hint of provocative wit. Politiko offers readers good social commentary and well-researched news reporting on subjects that relate to local politicians and their actions. The team behind the site do a great job in relaying the current state of the political landscape.
verafiles.org 7%



Vera File is a non-profit and independent media news organization that seeks to provide the people with research-intensive and in-depth news reports in multiple formats. In a political climate where sharing fake news has become commonplace, reliable fact-checking organizations like Vera Files provide citizens with the information they need to govern themselves in a democracy.
professionalheckler 5%

Loi Reyes Landicho


Loi Reyes Landicho is the voice behind Professional Heckler, an intelligent and humorous writer with an enviable sense of irreverence and a palpable disdain for self-serving and pompous politicians. If you are looking for a blog that offers relevant social and political commentary, with a generous helping of topical satire and political gossip, you can’t go wrong with the Professional Heckler.
ellentordesillas 5%

Ellen Tordesillas


Ellen Tordesillas is a journalist who uses her blog to post her articles that have been published in news outlets such as Malaya and Vera files. Expect frequent updates and fresh content which do not just include the latest scoop on local politics, but also offer the kind of in-depth reporting that you do not always see in most personal political blogs.
getrealphilippines 2%



Get Real Philippines is a news site with a clear and distinct agenda: to help citizens understand the nature of the Filipino character which condemn the country to chronic failure or a string of mediocre performance at best. If you are looking a one-stop local news blog with a gratuitous dose of brash but insightful commentary, this is the site for you.
bulatlat.com logo 2%



Bulatlat is a strong example of local journalism. The team behind the blog publishes articles covering politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. As an alternative news agency, the site aims to contribute to the advocacy for civil rights and to the struggle for change. It also seeks to accurately reflect the people’s views and stand on issues that affect their lives and their future.
PCIJ.org logo 2%



The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) is an independent, nonprofit media agency that specializes in investigative reporting. This alternative news outlet is not designed to replace the work of mainstream newspapers or radio and television stations, but it does seek to encourage the development of investigative journalism and to foster a culture for it within the local media.
mongpalatino logo 2%



Raymond Palatino is an activist, blogger, and political analyst whose articles are regularly published by news outlets such as Bulatlat, The Diplomat, Manila Today, and many others. Raymond has cultivated a reputation for creating long, well-researched, and smart articles on subjects ranging from local politics to economic development to foreign policy. He also offers an unapologetically hard-hitting take on Philippine politics, social issues, and business.

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