Promo Code PH Travel Blog Awards 2017

We have nominated a number of bloggers from Philippines whom we think deserve to win for our Promo Code PH Travel Blog Awards 2017. The bloggers have been chosen based on their knowledge and passion for travel, which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiring blog posts.

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Voting ends at 12:00 PM on 1st of May 2017
Php 10,500 is divided between the bloggers
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Aileen Adalid

I Am Aileen follows the blog’s founder Aileen Adalid on her escapades all over the world in an increasingly well-recognized fashion. Aileen likes to talk about where she’s been, where she wants to go and what resources she used to do all those so that others might follow. After receiving recognition from BBC, National Geographic and more, nominating Aileen is a no-brainer.
DJ Yabis has created a resource that allows travelers both experienced and novices to experience Europe in a memorable way. The tips on fascinating destinations and excellent accommodations are why Dream Euro Trip gets our nomination.

Lyndsay Anne

With her personal touch and authentic presentation, Lyndsay Anne’s Lyndsay Cabildo blog is a comforting resource for travel tips, information on famous destinations, and guides on accommodations. That’s why she gets our nomination.

Glen Santillan

Glen Santillan’s tips on how best to enjoy amazing destinations in the Philippines outside of Manila makes him worth nominating. Escape Manila is a worthwhile resource for anyone who wants great advice on where to go, where to stay, and where to eat.

Christian Sangoyo

Christian Sangoyo has an exquisite talent in photography. His travel photos clearly speaks about how amazing and jaw-dropping each trip was. Each place was perfectly depicted in his photos, from the culture to the locals, to the sceneries. is truly inspirational and fascinating to read.
Each travel story is written by a teacher named Carla who has the passion for both teaching and travelling. Some of her stories are written in tagalog making it more personal. Her blog is highly rated especially among Filipino readers because it shows how to find simple happiness in every journey.

Mello Villareal is considered to be one of the pioneers of Philippine travel blogs and has received numerous distinctions since 2012. Mello Villareal’s travels around the world are artistically expressed through his writings and photographs which eventually made his blog be listed as one of the world’s best.
Trish from PS I’m On My Way is a Filipina traveler who has been in many places and experienced many things, documenting her travels along the way. Sharing it with readers, along with some useful insight, Trish definitely gets out nomination.

Earth Rullan

Earth Rullan runs Earthlingorgeous, which is a site that talks about everything, from fashion to beauty to charitable advocacy groups. With such a huge reach and with such empowering content, we believe that Earth Rullan is doing a great job and is definitely worth nominating.

Ruth dela Cruz is all about the creator with the same name writing about her travels, fashion stories, food and many others. By combining many of the essential elements of people’s lives with a passion for creating information, Ruth certainly has given plenty of reasons to be nominated.

Lloyd and Me-an

Yogo and Cream is the passion project by couple, Lloyd and Me-an. For those who want a resource that talks about great food, fun place to travel to and more, it’s definitely worth a look. This is also why we are giving our nomination to both Lloyd and Me-an.

Jim & Missy

Love. Eat. Wander. is a blog about a family who believes in attachment parenting. Jim & Missy are parents who have surrendered mainstream practices in order to focus more on how to develop strong, trusting, and healthy relationships with their child through travelling, eating, learning, and so much more! Their amazing adventures are worth our nomination.

Kirk Acebron

Kirk Acebron is a traveling nurse who loves to write his adventures and misadventures at his blog. He clearly writes his experiences to be an inspiration for others to travel. His blog showcases the wonderful provinces of the Philippines as well as beautiful places around Southeast Asia.His blog also has hotel reviews to provide helpful informations to his readers and would be travellers.

Romeo "MIYO"

Team takeoffphilippines leads its readers for an adventure worth taking.Their blog showcases what every would-be-traveller needs- planning and preparation. is fun, informative and let every reader discover the real beauty of every place that the team have been to both local and international.

Dan Punzalan is full of sophistication. Dan Punzalan takes the readers to the best hotels and enjoy the finest cuisines around the Philippines and Asia. His blog is very personal to him and believes that it is a necessity to travel in order to discover oneself.
Rox started her travel blog in 2013. She writes about her adventures and misadventures around Asia and the Philippines. Her pictures about her travels were all amazing. itravelrox .com is fun and informative for every reader and for would-be-traveller.
5% shares his travel experiences to inspire its readers to live the best life. He takes you to amazing places that are very ideal for backpackers both here and abroad. His blog features beautiful photos, hotel reviews, travel tips and most importantly Filipino hospitality. angelotheexplorer is listed as one of the country’s best travel and leisure blogger in 2016.
Chris’ passion for photography is clearly demonstrated in his blog. His amazing photos effectively inspire the readers to travel around the Philippines especially around the Visayas region. Every photo has a story to tell and an experience to be shared to everyone. His blog is fun, full of adventure and well organized.
Ella is a young blogger from Cebu City and loves to blog about her passion for food and travel. Her blog has so much personal touch to it because it also serves as her journal. takes us around Cebu and showcases the best of Cebu.
Gay Aida Dumaguing is the brain behind Exotic Philippines, an informative travel blog that showcases some of the Southeast Asian nation’s greatest natural delights and destinations. With plenty of exciting locations, experiences, and opportunities featured on the site, Gay has definitely earned her place on our list of nominations.
Gretchen or Butchie, as she likes to be called, is responsible for creating Filipina Explorer, which is one of the most vibrant sources of information and inspiration when it comes to travel topics. A proud mother and avid traveler, many of the content that Butchie has chosen to share make her worth our nomination.


Beadeegee is the brainchild of Beatrice DeGuzman who catalogs and shares her travel experiences. Providing useful insight into the world of a travel blogger. With picture of gorgeous vistas and some applicable travel tips, it’s easy enough to nominate Beatrice for all the services she has rendered aspiring travelers.
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