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foodtrip 35%

JL Santiago

If you are into gastronomic experiences while browsing the web, might just whet your appetite. With crisp delivery on the latest food crazes and delectable developments, you are definitely looking at one of the more fascinating resources on the web. That’s why gets a nomination from us.
Sale. Food. Trips. Reviews. 25%

Mary Love Siy

Marylove is a local food expert who writes about her dining experiences with much inspiration. Reading her blog make every reader go hungry. The pictures of every dish are drool worthy that you would want to run to the nearest restaurant or cook as quick as you can.
80s Breakfasts 5%

80s Breakfasts

80s Breakfasts presents a rather intriguing prospect with regards to cooking by basically finding a way to twist traditional recipes and turn them into something new. There are some rather inspiring, albeit normal foods featured as well, but 80s Breakfasts has certainly come to a high point. That’s why we are nominating it.
Chasing Bleu 4%


Mimi’s talent in photography is clearly shown in every picture posted in her blog. The photos are all amazing and the articles well written. Her blog is very informative and up to date. We highly recommend this blog to readers who are in search for the best restaurants in Cebu.
pinkislovebynix 4%


Nicole Faller is the person responsible for, which is a blog about food experiences and beauty products. The site offers some frankly phenomenal content that certainly makes it easier to understand exactly how to care for one’s body and food tips , which makes Nicole more than worthy of being nominated by us.
SJ 3%

SJ Valdez

Food is a pretty big part about being a mother, which naturally allows them to become really good at preparing meals. This translates quite well to blog with offering some pretty good information on food, cooking, and being a mother. It’s a great source of tips and tricks, which makes more than worthy of our nomination.
Kriska Marie 3%

Kriska Marie

There’s something calming about seeing pictures and articles about food that just blows your stress away and has plenty of that. With some amazing recipes, images, stories, and tips for your taste bud’s pleasure, is more than worthy of getting nominated in our book.
hungryemployee 3%

Mae Agustin

Being a worker or just really someone who loves food is a constant adventure to find that next great food experience. This is what regularly brings to its readers by featuring some of the best places to eat if you are a foodie. With lots of images and content on the best restaurants and foods, is definitely worthy of a nomination.
Panlasang Pinoy 2%

Vanjo Merano

Vanjo Merano runs Panlasang Pinoy, which is basically a food blog full of recipes of traditional or common Filipino foods. With concise details and delicious offerings, Merano certainly has a lot to offer readers who might be looking for tasty food recipes. That’s why he is getting our nomination.
Fannywanny: a food and travel blog 2%


Fran is the girl behind Franny Wanny, which is basically Food, Travelling, and Life. Fran does a great job of sharing her experiences when travelling all over Singapore and the Philippines, while also maintain her passion for cooking. With so many exciting details and a likeable personality, Fran get our nomination.
The Peach Kitchen 2%

The Peach Kitchen was created by Peachy, a self-proclaimed foodie mommy, and her food blog reflects that sentiment. With plenty of homey recipes that range from appetizers to entrées, Peachy has certainly made The Peach Kitchen into one heck of a foodie paradise. As a result, she gets our nomination.
ladyironchef 2%


Brad built Lady Iron Chef from a simple food blog into an online juggernaut that is currently one of the biggest online entities in Singapore. With so many tips and tricks on offer, Lady Iron Chef can even help its readers learn how to eat in certain establishments for free. For that alone, we think Brad is worthy of our nomination.
Kalami Cebu! 2%

Carlo Andrew Olano

Carlo Andrew Olano is responsible for creating Kalami Cebu, a substantial resource for everything culinary in the island found in central Philippines. Showcasing the wide range and variety of delicacies and food preparations, as well as popular eateries in the region, Carlo has created a site that’s worth nominating.
The Tummy Train 2%

Clarisse is authored by Clarisse, a young lady who has the love for food, travel and blogging. She shares with her readers wonderful recipes and fascinating food photos. The recipes are well-organized and each article written with passion. Her blog has received several commendations over the years.
Dessert Comes First 1%

Lori Baltazar

Dessert Comes First is the brainchild of Lori Baltazar who, according to her About Me page, has too many sweet teeth. As a result, her website is basically an expression of her fondness for pastries, traditional sweets and more. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes and makes Baltazar worth nominating.
kawaling pinoy 1%

Lalaine Manalo

Lalaine is responsible for creating the food blog Kawaling Pinoy, wherein she presents some of the most popular dishes in the Philippines to a global audience. Chockfull of some insightful details and clear cut instructions on how to cook some of the most delectable foods, Lalaine is worth nominating and more.

Gerry San Miguel

Gerry San Miguel or the Food Dude, as he likes to be called, is on a journey to eat as many delicious dishes as he can and share it with the world. With some rather detailed images and content about the foods that he has tasted, Gerry opens a window to a world of culinary delight, which makes his nomination a no-brainer
Babe For Food 1%

Justinne Lou

If you are looking for some good food recipes then you can check out Not only does the blog talk about some of the tastiest gastronomic delights that you can possibly think of, they close the deal with some amazingly tasty pics too. That’s why gets our pick for a nomination.
Everything Nice! 1%

Anyone interested in reading about food, travel, and lifestyle tips can go ahead and check out The blog talks about all those things and more, offering concise information on various topics that always ends up putting a smile on their readers’ face. That’s why is getting our nomination.
Sand Under My Feet 1%


Covering various topics that include travelling, food, fashion and fun, you definitely want to take a look at just to get an impression on some of the things that you could do with your free time. With great information on delectable dishes and more, is an obvious nominee.
Our Awesome Planet 0%

Our Awesome Planet features lots of travel destinations and food stops that readers would definitely find useful in their travels. With lots of helpful hints on which places provide amazing experiences and delicacies, it’s not even question if Our Awesome Planet deserves nominating.
Stop! Look! and Capture! 0%


Although it’s also a blog about foods, is mostly about taking photos of foods than anything else. Not that anyone should complain since it’s always great to look at some of the most delectable, succulent and mouthwatering dishes available. For the sheer pleasure of the images, gets our nomination.


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