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Gian & Sheila 26%

Gian & Sheila

An incredible blog with a huge amount of passion for traveling and living life to the fullest, is where the owners Gian and Sheila show you exactly how much you could do if you just put your mind to it. Hike to places you’ve never been, swim in beaches you have never visited, and see sights you have never seen. When you check out this site, you’ll be inspired to know just how much of the world you can really experience so that you will be able to say that you truly lived.
Jerny 18%


The site is all about the journey of the owner named Jerny, along with his girlfriend Jane all over the country, and they document their experiences to share with their readers. There are certainly plenty of awesome tips and guides that the site can share on traveling from island to island, providing readers with insights on what they may want to do once they actually get there. More to the point, there are actually lots of discussions about where to eat and where to do a little staycation for the cheapest possible prices available to you.
Wanderingella 15%

Janine Ella

Ella is a young blogger from Cebu City and loves to blog about her passion for food and travel. Her blog has so much personal touch to it because it also serves as her journal. takes us around Cebu and showcases the best of Cebu.
Milton 10%


If you need great information on some of the best travel spots in the Philippines and the awesome things that you can do in them, is the site that you’ll want to visit. From amazing churches to see in Bataan to the most remote locations and villages that travelers can stay in, there are plenty of enticing contents to appreciate when you check this resource out. For the most part, what you’ll really want to get out of is the little-known activities and destinations that it features and which isn’t always being written about anywhere else.
Pauline 9%


An incredible website about a Filipina who absolutely loves to travel, is the kind of resource that you want to visit if you are aiming to be inspired. There’s really no better reason to check a resource out than to see what Pauline has to say about the wonders of seeing what the world has to offer. Go on a digital journey to Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world that could someday turn into an actual trip for you and anyone you want to bring along.
tuklaserangmatipid 6%

Tuklaserang Matipid

A multi awarded travel blogger, tuklaserangmatipid has already gained a large following. This blog displays astonishing photos taken around the Philippines and the world. Every place they went to are unique and exciting. An inspiration to a meaningful living.
pinaytraveljunkie 4%


Promoting local tourism is this blogger’s advocacy. She started her adventures years ago going around the Philippines and exploring the beauty of the country. After 5 years, she went international. She has achieved so much as a young traveller. We are only young once therefore it is better to make the most of it.
Miyo 2%


Miyo and Gab are the voices behind TakeOffPH, a travel blog dedicated to the best local hotels, restaurants, events, and destinations. The blog has a fresh and minimalist design that serves as the perfect canvas for the duo’s curated collection of tips, recommendations, guides, and inspiring stories about local culture and tradition.
travelphotographyguru 1%


An incredible travel and photography blog, you definitely want to visit for its breathtaking images and contents. It’s simply a treasure trove of inspiring pictures and experiences.
travelswithahobo 1%

Gem and Beep

Beep and Gem splurge on travel more than on going out on fancy dates. If you are in the search for budget friendly travel, this blog is a must read. Their blog presents amazing pictures of the places they have visited and makes every reader feel romantic and nostalgic.
thepinaysolobackpacker 1%


A certified jetsetter, this Pinay backpacker has travelled the world and with a blog to tell her amazing stories with. She introduces her trips with breathtaking views and incredible narrations of the place. Her blog includes pocket friendly itineraries suited for every Filipinos.
Detourista 1%


When planning to start a trip, is the blog to read. This blog is the ultimate guide to a marvelous travel adventure. He gives the best tips especially for first timers and provides a list of the best travel spots to visit. Reading this blog can provide useful information that can be shared to very one.
eazytraveler 1%

Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap

Edgar is a photographer and a travel writer and is labeled as one of the best travel writers in the country. His photographs put every reader in every destination he made and provides detailed information of the place. His precision and talent makes this blog one of the best.
pinoytravelfreak 1%


Gabz love the outdoors and has been to the best destinations in the country. He has a kindred spirit and his blog makes every reader feel good and inspired. His enthusiasm brought him to exotic places and being able to talk about it through his blog. He truly established his niche in the blogging world by promoting the beauty of the Philippines
anagonzales 1%


Writing about her day to day events and her travels is what she loves best. As a young blogger, she inspires her readers by being independent and adventurous. Her blog is fun to read because of its spontaneity. The simplicity of her blog makes it more attractive and attracts more followers.
thewanderdan 1%

Dan Punzalan

Dan’s blog brings you to beautiful places and provides a list of hotels that offer the best accommodations for every traveler. He has been a world traveler and considered every adventure as self-discovery. His blog is also his diary with writings that can excite and inspire.
Angel 1%


If you’re looking for a great resource to get information about your next awesome adventures on, is that resource. Watch as the site’s owner Angel Juarez take on the world with travails that are presented as part eye porn thanks to the many amazing images to inspiring spirit fuel so that you can actually be motivated to go to these places featured. The site is not only home to travel guides for Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and the World, it’s also got a great list of contents about the kinds of adventures that you can look forward to when you get there.
Ivan & Khris 1%

Ivan & Khris

One of the best things about is how the authors Ivan and Khris make the prospect of traveling so personal and close to what so many other travelers experience. It’s not curated to form an unreachable narrative in any way. Every picture or content is purely what the reality of going to Philippine festivals or flying via local airlines can be. There are also plenty of reviews about products, services, and destinations to check out when visiting the site.
lamyerda 0%


As a female solo traveler, she effectively writes about having to travel the world without sacrificing her job. Being an expat in Malaysia, she yearns of coming back to the country and be able to write about it to share to the world.


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